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F a t i g u e    M a n a g e m e n t

Fatigue in the workplace is dangerous – for both the tired worker, and their co-workers. It increases risk on many levels and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. This further results in claims to the company for injuries and payouts. We believe this can be prevented.

That is why MSR offers you a patented psychomotor vigilance test, Alert Meter – the predictive fatigue solution with an 18-24 hour window of notification for the prevention of accidents.

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A 60 second test provides a real time, personal, cognitive assessment of your employee’s ability to perform. These results also assist in prelimenary drug screening and emotional strain.

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Already tested on over 100 million operational man hours!

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Workers Comp Claims 70% DOWN

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Drug Testing Cost 90% DOWN

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Employee Turnover 35% DOWN

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Productivity 11% IMPROVED

Fatigue can lead to accidents.
Accidents ruin lives.
You have the potential to prevent it.
Contact us today to get a consultation for your business.

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